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New guide aims to boost plastics recycling

RECOUP and the British Plastics Federation (BPF) have teamed up to launch new guidance aimed at helping designers create plastic packaging that is easy to..

November 2018

Extra push for plastic packaging recycling

EARLY September saw the launch of a national plastics recycling campaign, Pledge 4 Plastics. Led by Recoup (see article above), the initiative is a..

October 2014

Addressing plastics recycling challenges

INDEPENDENT plastics recycling organisation Recoup had its conference and AGM in Peterborough in late September, with over 250 delegates in attendance. Dr..

October 2014

Round table addresses recycling

FLUMMOXED by waste flows? Mystified by materials recycling? The recent conference of Recoup (RECycling Of Used Plastics), an independent expert on plastics..

October 2013

Design companion – Revision for handbook

RECOUP’S guideline document for packaging technologists and pack developers involved in plastic packaging has been revised for the second time this year...

October 2013

Eco-friendly fair dedicated to sustainable design

A packaging exhibition would not be complete without a stage dedicated to sustainable design. A KEY focus for many delegates visiting this year’s Packaging..

January 2013

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