Packaging Scotland


Britain’s post-Brexit food rules

WITH Brexit looming, the British food industry must remain desirable to import and export markets. However, when compared to other countries in the EU, the..

February 2019

Why it’s not too late to get FMD-ready

The clock is ticking for pharmaceutical manufacturers to comply with the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive). Aimed at reducing the number of falsified..

January 2019

Cans: the unsung hero of the sustainable economy?

Marcel Arsand, chairman of The Can Makers, tells Packaging Scotland about the benefits of permanently available cans PACKAGING has a key role to play in..

January 2019

How sensitive is your food metal detector?

By Phil Brown, Fortress Technology’s European managing director THEORETICALLY, many variables will determine the sensitivity of a food inspection metal..

January 2019

Shrink wrapping ‘essential’ for food packaging industry

Victoria Christen, marketing manager at Liberty Packaging Systems, discusses the important role shrink wrapping plays in food packaging AS the food packaging..

January 2019

Coding and marking for alcoholic drinks

John Tierney, marketing director at Linx Printing Technologies, provides an overview of the coding and marking requirements of the UK alcoholic drinks industry..

January 2019

Thinking out the box: unpacking the potential of smart packaging

Here, Dale Pittock, sales director of pharmacy consumables provider Valley Northern, explores the latest developments in the smart packaging market. Imagine if..

December 2018

Let your packaging mark the season

By Adam Blaxhall, editorial manager at Ignition Search Ltd CHRISTMAS lights are once again appearing on the high streets as international food markets arrive..

November 2018

Peak periods and packaging preparation

Andy Pretious, UK sales and marketing manager at Automated Packaging Systems, shares an insight on how to maximise sales by making essential adjustments to a..

October 2018

Induction heat sealing of glass jars containing high-fat foodstuffs

Products with high oil/fat content pose special problems when tamper evident seals are applied to their containers – no more so than when these seals are..

October 2018