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Peak periods and packaging preparation

Andy Pretious, UK sales and marketing manager at Automated Packaging Systems, shares an insight on how to maximise sales by making essential adjustments to a..

October 2018

Induction heat sealing of glass jars containing high-fat foodstuffs

Products with high oil/fat content pose special problems when tamper evident seals are applied to their containers – no more so than when these seals are..

October 2018

MAP, CAP or vac-pack?

Drying, chilling, freezing, sterilisation and pasteurisation describe just some methods of food preservation. However, all of these have major drawbacks —..

October 2018

Targets for recycled content in food packaging need care

Setting minimum targets for recycled content in food packaging may sound like a good idea, but could lead to overall less efficient use of resources if..

September 2018

It all starts with the right primary packaging

Anthony Debus, head of UK sales at aluminium packaging manufacturer Advanta, explains why more food technologists are applying a ‘treat the cause, not..

August 2018

Many unhappy returns

As the shift towards online and mobile-only sales gathers pace, many retailers are struggling to cope with the impact a culture of overbuying and excessive..

July 2018

Sustainable innovation helps answer the challenge of food and packaging waste

Sue Mohan, sales director at RPC bpi protec, tells Packaging Scotland how sustainable innovation in film and laminates is helping meet the needs for today’s..

July 2018

Flexibility key to current tray sealing challenges

Tony Burgess, Proseal’s head of sales and control systems, outlines some of the main food industry issues from the perspective of tray sealer manufacturing..

July 2018

Coding with a conscience

Steve Ryan, UK sales manager at Rotech Machines, explains how coding can become a source of advantage in an age of heightened environmental awareness With..

July 2018

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