Flexo print process for decorative corrugated

DESCRIBED as a major breakthrough in decorative corrugated packaging, corrugated packaging specialist Charapak has, in conjunction with Forum Packaging, launched what is described as a more cost effective and flexible alternative to pre-print and litho-laminated corrugated.
The new process – “Flexolam” – employs Flexo print in a manner suited to the requirements of decorative, high-quality shelf-ready packaging. It uses the latest HD printing presses and inks, printing up to 175 lines per inch creating top quality, high-impact images for maximum on-shelf appeal, coupled with the ability to choose a much wider range of corrugated base substrates to compliment it. The use of flexographic printing allows the process to run in smaller batch quantities, offering greater flexibility and more efficient stock control, but with visual results that are said to match lithographic printing.