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Label waste used to create innovative trade show booth

AVERY Dennison has put theory into practice at the Labelexpo show with a booth made in part from recycled label waste. The label-maker has described the booth..

September 2017

Environmetal impact of labels reviewed

L’OREAL Americas and Avery Dennison are collaborating to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of packaging labels throughout the entire label..

April 2015

Avery Dennison scoops International safety award

AVERY DENNISON’S Label and Packaging Materials production operation in Cramlington has won an International Safety Award with merit from the British..

April 2015

Avery Dennison increases European capacity in film coating and laminating

AVERY Dennison, a world leader in the production of label and packaging materials, has expanded its coating and laminated capabilities for self-adhesive label..

December 2014

Blending the old with the new

When the world’s largest drinks company decided to re-brand one of its most popular spirits nothing was left to chance. THE spirits aisle is more prone to..

January 2012