New system claims to take traceability ‘to a new level’

FORTRESS Technology, in collaboration with Sparc Systems, has unveiled its first ever modular combination metal detector and checkweighing conveyor system.

Described as featuring a single swipe touchscreen HMI and paperless audit software with ‘unlimited’ pre-programmed codes of practice, Fortress said the Raptor Combi captures all the data required to guarantee ‘absolute traceability’.

Specifically designed for high care confectionery, chocolate, bakery, nutritional bars, packaged meats, cheeses and ready meals, including contract manufacturers supplying multiple retailers, Fortress revealed the machine applies ‘industry-leading’ technology engineered for high-end Sparc systems, yet overcomes several limitations including the ability to accurately inspect and check the weight of larger size products and pack formats – up to 8kg and measuring 300mm by 400mm.