Makro secures Eurostar agency and first order


In the early part of the year the Sales Director of Eurostar, Bruno Reggio, contacted Richard Portman, MD of Makro Labelling UK to ask if Richard could become his company’s agent in the UK. Bruno commented: “Eurostar has been developing a new range of rinser/filler/cappers predominantly for the wine, water and beer markets, where we offer vacuum, gravity and Isobaric type filling machinery. We have seen how successful Makro has been in the UK, and I thought Richard would be able to do a great job for us. Within a week of his appointment, we were working on an enquiry, which has turned into an order for a 20/6 filler capper for H & A in Chorley. This is a brilliant result for us and we are very pleased that we made contact.” Richard Portman said: “We have had a long association with H & A having become the labeller of choice in recent years, so when we knew that H & A were looking for a new filler capper for a current client, Food Innovations, which uses H & A to contract fill and pack its range of colourings/flavourings, we were able to offer the Eurostar equipment.” Portman said it might be down to the popularity of The Great British Bake Off, but in any case sales are booming as Food Innovations gains greater supermarket listings for its home baking product range and H & A’s current production could not cope with the increased orders with its current filler.

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