Delicate products bagged from a different angle


AMP-Rose has seen in recent years that customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions to their weighing and packaging problems. This often includes handling delicate products on vertical form, fill and seal machines. One recent challenge was to weigh and bag a delicate hard candy product. The challenge was to stop the product breaking up before, and after, entering the bag. Not only was it damaging the product it was also creating dust inside the machine. Flexible plastic inserts were placed into the hopper to decrease the speed in which the products were dropping. The next challenge was the entry into the bag, as they would break up as they hit each other on entry. Again the speed of the entry had to be softened, and for this the bagging machine was angled, creating a slide for the sweets to travel down. These changes resulted in the safe journey of the sweet from the former to the bagger.

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