Linerless big-screen demos in the US

LINERLESS labelling specialist Ravenwood Packaging will be showcasing its complete package of converting and labelling technology at LabelExpo in Chicago (stand 1437), with an emphasis on coating, labelling and the development of the ultimate materials and adhesives to produce seamless lines.
The flexible adhesive-backed labels are now regularly used as the eco-friendly replacement for traditional labels that carry waste-creating backing paper. The increase in usage of linerless labelling systems comes from the numerous sustainability initiatives underway around the world; and from pressure from consumers and environmental lobby groups.
The company will be demonstrating its coating and application machines to the largest label and package printing audience in the Americas – the United States is the largest single market with 29% of global consumption. In addition to the traditional markets of the US and Canada, the show is attracting a significant number of visitors from the fast-developing Latin American market.
On a bright and welcoming green-field stand, an audio-visual ‘expo-wall’ will roll out ‘live’ big-screen footage of Ravenwood Packaging’s Comac 500 coating machines in action running pre-printed webs. The Comac 500, running at speeds of up to 95m/min, will be taking printed master reels and making them ready for use on the company’s Nobac applicators.

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