Flexible labeller makes good on “designed with you in mind”

Earlier in the year Wenlock Spring ordered a Makro Mak 3 24 platform-labelling machine initially to apply hot melt labels. A recent change in some of their bottling requirements for their ever growing list of contracts meant they recently contacted Makro to see if they could add to the original machine order and have 3 additional self adhesive stations, which will be delivered with the original machine order.
Richard Portman, MD of Makro Labelling UK commented: “When I discussed the original scope of supply with Mathew Orme, joint owner of Wenlock Spring, the concept of being able to add new labelling requirements at any time, without having to change the original labeller, and resulting in drastically reduced upfront costs, was of great interest to him. Now, due to some new contracts secured by Wenlock, the quote that we originally gave to Matthew at the beginning is exactly what he will be paying for the upgrade. There are no changes to the original machine, the self adhesive stations can simply be wheeled into position to apply body, back and neck labels as required. In a sense it is pleasing to be able to say that even before the labeller leaves the factory, we can add the self adhesive stations without any fuss and bother. We have to be as adaptable as our client base in this very fast moving market, and this demonstrates that our Company philosophy of having machines ‘Designed with you in Mind’ is a reality in practice, not just a marketing strapline. We have been able to demonstrate the flexibility of the Makro Company and design concepts, a true win-win for all concerned.”

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