Coffee Bean Shop lasers in on value film

Coffee Bean Shop based in rural Ashford in Kent had successfully increased sales of its ‘artisan’ roasted coffee beans to such a level that to keep up with demand they needed to move from premade bags to an automated packing line. However, there was a dilemma: To keep roasted beans and ground coffee fresh, a valve must be applied at the time of packing but the equipment needed to do this is very expensive and inhibits packing speed. This means that roasters are faced with a problem. Do they buy the applicator which will sit idle for much of the time not making a return on investment or continue to use bags which are both expensive and labour intensive. The cost of change can be prohibitive. “Aaron Abbs, National Flexible’s Sales Manager thankfully found a solution to the impasse. He has extensive knowledge of films and solutions to packaging problems. He was and still is very committed to our project and has worked seamlessly with ourselves and our machine company to make sure the launch went as planned and we are very happy with the result”, said Liz Powell, Coffee Bean Shop Owner. National Flexible has supplied reels of printed film with lasered valves pre-applied. The valve allows the CO2 to escape and then closes to keep the coffee fresh.

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