eCO plastic reaches Lion’s Lair final at Packaging Innovations show


Holfeld Plastics was among the finalists in the Lions’ Lair competition at Packaging Innovations at the end of February with its multi-market rPETeCO packaging range.

The rPETeCO range adds luxury to products where added value is required. A material applicable in several market sectors including meat, poultry, fish, fresh produce, catering and non-food markets, it is a low carbon, highly tactile rPET material available in a variety of colours with a blend of up to 90% post consumer recyclate. The material is fully recyclable, employing low carbon manufacturing methods exceeding Courtauld 3 objectives. It is also the result of a 3 year R&D programme supported by the FP7 European initiative. The rPET material has good insulation properties and is more temperature resistant than conventional rPET. Gas barrier properties are 20 times better than PP and the material demonstrates improved environmental qualities compared to PP as with most PP trays made from virgin polymer there is currently no recognised, universal doorstep collection.