Machine supports bag variety


Italian manufacturer PFM has announced its new multi-mode Vetta II bagging machine, able to meet demands for pack versatility and variety by providing over 20 different bag styles from a single machine, in addition to traditional pillow packs.

These include block bottom stand-up pouches, PFM’s Steelo four corner seal stand-up bags, Amcor’s Flexcan pouch design and also reclosable bags, using adhesive, zipper profile or a novel system of miniature hooks. MAP facilities can also be fitted for extended shelf life. To maintain versatility, the Vetta II has been specifically designed to allow easy changeover between bag styles. “Many of the bag styles possible on the Vetta II involve a series of folds that make set up difficult on conventional machinery,” explains PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton. The way in which the Vetta II operates allows accurate changeover by the operator, rather than engineers, he says.

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