Smoothing the way for liquid transportation

With an ever mounting emphasis on reducing packaging waste, ensuring quality and improving traceability, the advantages of bulk bag-in-box systems are now greater than ever, according to Arlington Packaging. As technology within the B-I-B marketplace becomes more mature, so the associated costs continue to fall compared to all other traditional intermediate liquids transport and storage alternatives. “At Arlington we are committed to ensuring that the quality of our product and service offerings remain at the forefront of the industry,” said a representative of the company. “With 25 years of BIB experience we have provided the equipment and expertise to handle and transport everything from Apple Juice to Zinc oxide primer”.
The company’s sales literature lists some of the claimed benefits of working with them: No minimum contract terms, hire and de-hire when it suits you, avoid the cycle of long unsuitable contracts and expanding fleets. The company’s “best of breed” product range includes one trip units, viscous products and aseptic filling units and liners.
Arlington also has a network of international pooling partners to let its customers export more cost effectively. The company uses a Pandora RTP tracking and management system, used by DHL and BMW amongst others. The benefits of it include the ability to make effective decisions based on what the cost of each journey really is. Customers can avoid unbudgeted compensation claims with proper asset visibility. It is possible to find and understand the bottlenecks in the system and improve recycle times. other benefits of the Pandora RTP tracking system include the fact that it can be expanded to incorporate all of a company’s RTP systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with all industry standard coding systems including RFID and a wide range of readers including smartphones.
Arlington offers consultancy and support. With what it says is an unrivaled depth of knowledge, the company claims to be able to service all bulk B-I-B requirements across the UK, whatever the size, quickly and cost effectively.

Arlington Packaging