Sensor is fast and small

The new SICK KTM promises maximum contrast detection reliability in a mini sensor. Ideal for high-speed packaging processes, the SICK KTM achieves fast-paced print mark detection with short response times and fine grey-tone resolution, even where media is shiny. With the SICK KTM contrast sensor, print marks are reliably detected on a wide range of packaging media, including reflective materials such as high-gloss foils or where contrast levels are low. So it is especially suited to high-speed packaging, food and drink, cosmetics, printing and other commercial wrapping and labelling operations. Whether black or white, colour, matte or shiny, print marks are reliably detected, even where there is a minimal difference in brightness between the print or contrast marks and the background. The sensor has a fine resolution of 20 grey tones to cope with a range of shades, so even minimum levels of contrast are detected.

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