Multi-page label for breathalyser


Independent organisation (en)10 provides low cost, simple and accurate tools that encourage broader, positive changes in attitudes to responsible alcohol consumption. (en)10’s flagship product , Chube, is a single-use disposable breathalyser which has just been awarded the NF mark. It is of the type now compulsory for anyone driving in France to carry in their car. Riverside Medical, makers of Intelligent and innovative packaging solutions for the healthcare sector ranging from plasters to hip joints, helped to specify the multi-page Fix-a-Form label from Denny Bros that is featured on the self-test product. The generously-sized 6-page informational Fix-a-Form, measuring 35mm x 133mm at its finished size, is wrapped neatly around the tube that drivers blow into to check if they are over the limit. Yellow granules inside the tube turn green if alcohol above the tube’s preset level is detected. The tubes are packed in multiples in a handy blister pack, a concept devised by Riverside Medical in partnership with (en)10. The product, which also contains a reader card for grading the results of the tests, is now being distributed for widespread use in France. According to a Riverside Medical spokesperson, the idea is simple but hugely effective. ‘When we were approached by (en)10 to help develop the packaging for the idea we immediately thought of Fix-a-Form.’

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