Labeller saves money with high-end spirits miniatures

H & A Prestige Packing of Chorley has placed yet another order with Makro Labelling for a new bespoke line that is being installed later in the year for high-end spirit miniatures. The new line will be dedicated to miniature ceramic bottles that contain some of the worlds leading whiskies. Lee Tayburn, Manufacturing Manager at H & A said, “We have been very fortunate in securing a long term contract from one of our existing clients. Some of the ceramic bottles need very careful handling and the label application has to be of the very highest standards to match the full size bottles that are seen around the world. Currently we are fulfilling the contract using up to ten members of staff but with the new investment in the Makro MAK 1 Labeller, this will enable us to use the staff elsewhere in the factory.“
Lee Tayburn said Makro has become its preferred labeller supplier. “We have been particularly appreciative of the after sales and service support that we get from Richard Portman and his team. All the Makro machines have proved to be of a very high standard and the innovative ideas that are built in to the Makro Labellers have already saved us thousands of pounds on both spare and change parts. The optical orientation system has been faultless on the previous machines installed.

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