Intuitive scribing laser coders from Linx Printing Technologies

Linx Printing Technologies says it is taking laser coding to new levels with the launch of a range of scribing laser coders, offering the most efficient production line solutions with no compromise on quality. The 10w Linx SL102 laser coder is the most versatile and intuitive coder in its class, ideal for users with a fast line and simple code requirements, or a slow line with a more complex code. The Linx SL102 offers the most flexible solution for quality coding onto a wide range of materials. And the high-speed, low-maintenance 30w Linx SL302 laser coder produces quality coding for complex codes on fast lines, even on hard-to-mark materials, and is versatile enough to adapt to future coding needs, such as changes in line speeds, message types or products to be coded. Choosing a Linx SL laser coder also assures reliability, with longer laser tube life, less downtime and lower cost.
The new Linx laser coders are more intuitive – easy to use, with the new LinxVision® colour touch screen, incorporating a large WYSIWYG display for simple operation.

Linx Printing Technologies