First cartridge designed for high-speed filling lines

Schott Pharmaceutical Systems recently introduced the world’s first cartridges developed specifically for use on high-speed filling systems. The control system in these lines measures the filling level with the help of a laser, controlling the processing on the line accordingly. This offers a clear cost advantage for pharmaceutical companies: they don’t have to use as much of the drug instead of having to overfill the cartridge. In addition, processing can be performed much more quickly. This approach places extremely high demands on the design of the cartridge, however. To meet the growing demand for insulin, more and more pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing on so-called high speed filling lines. But high speed filling comes with special quality requirements for the cartridge, according to Schott. For instance, in order to optimize the total cost of ownership, several vendors have started using laser light and sensors to accurately control fill levels and so ensure optimal bubble-free dosing and less product loss through overfilling. Dedicated to customer-driven product development, Schott has teamed up with lead customers in order to translate those process requirements into a new product design. This includes defining the neck specification with respect to straightness and cosmetic defects

Schott Pharmaceutical Systems