Auto de-nest optimises crate filling with depleted punnets

Holfeld Plastics

Holfeld Plastics has developed a ‘one size fits all’ auto de-nestable range of punnets across its standard crate fit G81 portfolio. This announcement comes as the soft fruit industry is confronted by unparalleled weather conditions affecting yields and profitability. Holfeld’s G81 auto de-nest punnet range is said to offer distinct benefits to the industry packhouse, including: automation in packhouse for optimal filling of crates with empty punnets; clear efficiencies in the packhouse through improved utilisation of space and product flow; and enhanced packhouse throughput optimising on packhouse personnel and reducing filling lines ‘bottle necks’. There is a Standard de-nest gap across the full G81 range of punnets (40mm to 85mm depths) and as a consequence with no adjustment to the de-nesters line changeovers are speeded up. In conventional de-nesting punnet distortion can be a major problem with irrecoverable shape changes retaining a deformed memory – auto de-nest gives rise to a more reliable sealing jig fit and a more assured finished product.