Cradle to gate – Holfeld Plastics

Cradle to gate

In preparation for the new soft fruit growing season Holfeld Plastics is promoting its range of standard crate fit G81 punnets in five depths – head sealed or lidded and fully compatible with competitors SPS or the K37 size ranges. With pre-season prices available the range is backed by the company’s 25 years’ experience in the Irish, UK and European markets. According the firm, the G81 range offers an enhanced venting solution increasing airflow and therefore shelf life, a substantial low carbon r-PET and an optimal ribbing design to withstand challenging packhouse conditions whilst offering excellent product visibility. Its simplified ‘cradle to gate’ carbon footprint model is based on externally validated figures by SGS UK Limited. By changing the chosen tray weight customers and visitors to its new website will get a graph with the carbon footprint of Holfeld r-PET and Holfeld r-PET/PE trays as well as trays in several other common material types.

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