It’s a ‘Rippa’

Rippatape from Payne

Personal care giant Unilever has underlined the easy opening credentials of Rippatape from Payne by choosing it for a new men’s grooming multipack offer in Chile. The tape is being used on 20,000 promotional ‘Total Protection’ cardboard gift boxes. Each pack contains a Clear Men 400ml shampoo and AXE deodorant body spray. The Spanish-language pack design features the Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. A 4mm, 60 micron Rippatape near the top of the rear of the box allows the end user easy access to remove the products. As well as allowing for easy opening, the Rippatape tab also helps make clear to the consumer precisely where the pack should be opened. Rippatape can be applied at speeds of up to 450 metres a minute at the point of board manufacture by using Payne’s custom build applicators. Payne’s combined offering of tape and applicator means this solution is easily and effectively implemented.

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