Great barrier brief

Holfeld Plastics

Holfeld Plastics has been investing substantially in new thermoforming and extrusion equipment to support the production of their new range of lightweight r-PETeCO packaging for multiple applications across food and non-food markets. According to the firm, the material has an appealing and highly tactile on-shelf image with a distinct ‘non-plastic’ appearance. It is lightweight with specific gravity reduced from 1.33 to 1.05. Holfeld advise that the weight of the packaging is up to 20% lighter than virgin PP trays. The material contains at least 85% food grade recyclate. It is available with a PE sealing layer with the potential to provide a high gas barrier in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications. Dr Pat Ward of Holfeld said: “Barrier protection of rPETeCO mono material is approximately 90% that of standard PET but more than 30 times higher than standard PP. The 85% post consumer recyclate blend has led to a 74% CO2 saving on raw materials and a 47% reduction in the carbon footprint.”

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