The Cornish Mead Company is ‘First for wine’

Cornish Mead Company

The Cornish Mead Company has become one of the first wine companies to use shrink sleeves as part of its packaging. The new sleeves from <strong>CCL Decorative Sleeves are part of a ‘radical repackaging’ for the 50-year-old brand. The rationale behind the decision to seek new packaging for the Mead wines and liqueurs was twofold. Cornish Mead Company wanted to appeal to a new, younger audience of drinkers between 18 and 30 alongside its traditional older market; at the same time, the company could no longer use the very characteristic bottle that had made Mead unique for the last 50 years and was moving to a standard, lighter weight wine bottle. The design was created by Cornish agency Glendall Design while CCL worked closely with Glendall, Cornish Mead Company and the sleeve application company, A&S Packaging, in the development of the project.

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