Black Cow launches new milk carton-inspired packaging

Black Cow milk carton

BLACK Cow has launched a new premium milk carton-inspired pack for its Pure Milk Vodka range.

Molson Coors Beverage Company, which distributes the drink, said that Black Cow is the world’s first and only pure milk vodka brand – with the new fully recyclable packaging aiming to tell the story of the brand as well as delivering impact on shelf.

Black Cow’s Pure Milk Vodka is packaged by hand in West Dorset and is distilled using milk from grass-grazed cows. Using up the whey that is left over from the cheese making process contributes to a zero-waste ethos. Using milk as its only source ingredient  gives Black Cow a smooth and creamy character, Molson Coors explained.

The new premium packaging follows a successful year for the Black Cow brand, sitting as the second biggest premium vodka, the distributor revealed. In August, fans will be able to visit the Black Cow pop-up spritz bar at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Paul Archard, co-founder of Black Cow, said, “Black Cow is the only Pure Milk Vodka in the world. Everything in our bottle comes from milk and our unique recipe combined with the distilling process allows us to make the smoothest vodka ever.

“We are so excited to be launching our beautifully designed premium milk carton packaging which we’re sure will capture shoppers’ attention and is perfect for a whole host of occasions, whether that’s making cocktails at home or as a gift for spirits lovers.”

Amelia Sneezum, brand manager of Black Cow at Molson Coors Beverage Company, added, “Black Cow’s extraordinarily smooth taste sets it apart from other vodkas. Through a host of new listings, award wins, brand activations and the latest standout premium packaging, we’re keeping the brand front of mind with our target audience, driving first time trials, and helping retailers increase sales.”