There’s a buzz around honeycomb pallets

THE company behind an innovative cardboard pallet solution being used by the likes of BMW and Bosch has revealed it is now working with the Scotch whisky sector to create a bespoke offering for the industry’s transport needs.

Hexcore pallets are manufactured in Rochdale from 100% recycled paper and weigh just 3.4kg. The pallets are made up of two elements designed to protect both it and the products during transit and warehouse operations. The hexagonal structure, dubbed the honeycomb board, acts as protection against impact in transit, whilst the Hexcore PallRun technology allows for the pallet to hold goods up to 1,200kg in weight.

The patented innovation is a combination of strengthened laminated U-profiles combined with a kraftliner surface and paper cores, allowing for not only the high loading capacity but increased pallet strength and humidity-resistance, as well as slip-resistance.

“The product can do the same as what a normal wooden pallet can,” founder and director Kirthi Vishnu Ramasamy told Packaging Scotland, before explaining how many of the bigger companies that have adopted Hexcore’s solution see it as a more sustainable alternative to the lightweight plastic pallets they had been using previously.

April marks the one-year anniversary of GPA Global sealing exclusive rights to Hexcore pallets and their production in North America. The firm, which has a turnover of $300 million, cited concerns over deforestation as one of the reasons for the decision, as well the customisability and cost savings offered.

Aiming to ensure clients don’t pay for empty space on wagons, Hexcore offers pallets that are tailor made to the width and height requirements of products. Additional protection can be provided via its edgeboard bio, which is a cardboard side protection that holds goods together, whilst an extra-strong honeycomb board can be provided for heavier loads or more difficult transit routes.

To ensure the right mix of functionality and sustainability, the firm works with clients to create bespoke solutions – with feedback encouraged throughout its use.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for Hexcore, with Kirthi anticipating more brands coming on board – including businesses established in the Scotch whisky sector.

“The Scottish market is really interesting, especially the beverage market,” Kirthi said. “We’re developing new products for the beverage industry.

“Scottish whisky goes global and we’re developing pallets to accommodate those whiskies because each whisky bottle is quite expensive. We’ve already done our research and development and we’re working with a few companies in that market.

“We feel 2024 is the year of honeycomb; more companies coming on board and more innovations are coming.”