Limited edition vodka bottle is a ‘symbol of unity and diversity’

ARDAGH Glass Packaging-Europe has teamed up with The Absolut Group and singer, songwriter, actor and social activist Olly Alexander to create the limited edition vodka bottle Absolut Mosaik.

The 70cl and 1 litre glass bottles feature a ribbed design within the glass, with a concave label area containing a mosaic design and Absolut branding.

AGP–Europe created a series of ribs and fins around the surface of the glass using 3D software and used sculptured embossing to soften the design across the bottle’s part line.

Katharina Chemnitz, AGP–Europe product designer, explained one of the challenges of developing the design into the finished glass bottle. “The front label, which is the main print area for the mosaic design, originally stood out from the bottle, making it a potential contact point on the production line. To accommodate this challenge, the label area was carefully engineered within a concave, curved surface, framed perfectly by the surrounding rib design.”

Deb Dasgupta, global VP marketing, Absolut Vodka, added, “Absolut Mosaik, as part of the Born to Mix brand values, is our latest launch that represents Absolut’s ongoing commitment to celebrating the power of diversity. Deeply embedded in Absolut’s DNA, it’s our invitation for everyone to make positive change by creating connections beyond differences. The vibrant, colourful bottle designed by the formidable Olly Alexander is the perfect embodiment of this, and how we’re all part of a greater whole in society.”