TopClip system brings tangible benefits for craft brewer

SMURFIT Kappa has provided a Belgian craft brewer with the TopClip packaging system, a paper-based replacement for shrink wrap that bundles beverage multi-packs.

BeerSelect has enjoyed growth over the last three years and was looking for packaging that would align with its sustainability aspirations, including an automated machine system to efficiently produce the solution in-house.

Smurfit Kappa reviewed the company’s operations and decided the most effective option was to build and install its mid-speed TopClip machine, which is said to be capable of handling 30,000 cans per hour and is flexible enough to switch between different configurations to bundle four, six and eight packs.

TopClip is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Smurfit Kappa said it also displays products more effectively than the complete wrap-around solutions commonly used for canned drinks.

BeerSelect co-founder Kasper Peeters stated, “In TopClip, we found a solution that fits perfectly within our sustainability mindset. The most tangible benefit is using a packaging solution that will not harm the environment and the implementation of a tailor-made machine system has made a big difference to both the ease and speed of production.”

Koen De Winter, European project & machine systems manager at Smurfit Kappa, added, “The TopClip automated system that we specially designed for small and medium-sized breweries has really taken off. We knew that TopClip was the ideal Better Planet Packaging solution to meet BeerSelect’s needs and through building the machine for them it became an even more effective and holistic solution.”