German vegan brand opts for Sonoco packaging solution

VEGAN food brand Fairfood has selected Sonoco’s paper end GREENCAN packaging solution for its powdered oat drink.

The German brand manufactures and distributes Fairtrade, vegan nut-based foods and snacks with a brand message of fairness and sustainability.

In light of this, the company previously used returnable deposit jars for its powdered oat drink, but it experienced difficulties with vacuuming and loss of product. To overcome these issues, Fairfood switched to Sonoco’s GREENCAN, which it said proved to be an ideal, recyclable alternative that also maintains product freshness.

Bernhard Straub, sales manager at Sonoco Consumer Europe, said, “With this new partnership we are excited to embark on a thrilling journey of sustainability and innovation. This strategic collaboration will enable us to reach new heights and tap into an untapped market. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Fairfood.”

Fairfood founder and MD Amos Bucher said that as well as being sustainable and aligned with brand values, the Sonoco GREENCAN solution is helping its product to stand out among plant-based milk competitors in a ‘booming’ market.

He continued, “We demonstrate, through our close cooperation with Fairtrade producers, that ecological sustainability is a top priority for us. This includes packaging in addition to organic production. We chose GREENCAN for our powdered oat drink because it is made from recycled material and it can be recycled in paper streams. It is also lightweight, resealable and therefore practical for our customers.”

Sonoco’s GREENCAN recyclable paperboard package is made of 92-98% paperboard and features a wide range of barrier properties. Available in multiple shapes and sizes – from round, square or rectangular; to oval, oblong or triangular – it provides a ‘highly recyclable’ packaging solution, with ‘robust’ barrier properties.

The solution also features an integrated paper lid so, when empty, the whole package can go through the household paper recycling stream without any need to disassemble it. This makes it simple and convenient for the consumer and for the whole recycling process, Sonoco explained.