BPF unveils updated version of packaging design tool

THE British Plastics Federation (BPF) has launched the latest edition of its packaging design tool PackScore.

Unveiled at Packaging Innovations, PackScore is designed to be used early in the design process to help assess how design decisions will affect the ultimate recyclability of a product.

It sits alongside various other ecodesign resources developed by the BPF and has already been used to ‘score’ nearly 2,000 packaging products globally.

The BPF explained that the update to the tool will provide even more detail on why product designs score as they do. Users are taken through a path that involves a succession of decision trees, quickly revealing when a ‘bad’ decision is made.

BPF director of packaging Brian Lodge said, “The BPF is committed to helping the packaging industry in any way it can to produce packaging that is suitable for a circular economy and PackScore is one of several tools aimed at achieving this. Importantly, the latest version of PackScore includes more up-to-date advice on what is and what is not recyclable.

“The packaging and recycling industries are very dynamic and constantly improving. From time to time, what is considered recyclable does change. This is normally the result of experimentation and experience and the advice of organisations like RecyClass and RECOUP.

“In practice, anyone wanting to find out about the recyclability of a piece of packaging or compare one pack to another can use the tool with great effect. It is used by sales, marketing, technical, buyers, and management, as well as designers.”

The updated PackScore is available online  and is free of charge to use. To access it visit: packscore.co.uk