New ‘recycle-ready’ thermoforming films launched for meat and dairy goods

AMCOR has announced the European launch of its new PrimeSeal and DairySeal recycle-ready thermoforming films for meat and dairy products.

Suitable for fresh and processed meat and fish, as well as hard cheese, the new packaging is described as heat resistant up to 90°C and made with low ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) content without compromising the shelf-life of perishable foods, Amcor explained.

Certified as recyclable by Cyclos-HTP, it is recyclable within Polyethylene (PE) streams and, according to Amcor, offers up to 80% lower carbon footprint compared to existing PA/PE thermoforming film.

The new films boast a clear gloss to help demonstrate the quality of products to shoppers by creating a ‘tight, wrinkle-free’ packaging. Ranging from 85 to 200 microns thicknesses with custom-engineered forming, the packaging is said to be both puncture and abrasion-resistant.

“Meat, fish and dairy producers today are looking for better choices when it comes to more sustainable packaging,” said Rosalia Rosalinova, senior marketing manager at Amcor. “As our customers look at ways of reducing their own carbon footprint, we are constantly evolving our product portfolio to support them. Our new thermoforming films offer both businesses and consumers a better choice when it comes to recycle-ready packaging.”