How UVC can keep the wheels turning this winter

The JenAct UV Roller Disinfection Conveyor disinfects surfaces, reducing the risk of cross-contamination

With an unprecedented potential ‘twindemic’ expected this winter, UV-based disinfection has never been more potentially vital in enabling continuity of business. Richard Little, MD of Jenton International, a supplier of UVC disinfection equipment, explains.

WITH Covid-19 still very active in the UK and a combination of flu and coronavirus expected to hit workers hard this winter, reducing the spread of contagious illness among staff has never been more critical.   In addition to reducing workforce absence through illness, manufacturers need to keep essential food preparation and packaging, plus all other factory production environments, running efficiently.

Over the past two years, every business in the UK has experienced productivity problems arising from staff sickness. Figures from GOV.UK state that the total economic cost of sickness absence and health-related productivity losses are estimated to be over £100 billion annually. As ever, prevention is better than cure, which is why it is essential to use every means at your disposal to protect workers from exposure.

Better protection of factories from the spread of pathogens means better protection of the workforce from the chances of infection, and JenAct UV has the ideal equipment for air and surface disinfection for manufacturing businesses of all types and sizes.

Using UVC

UVC light has been used in the process of disinfection for over a century. UV light is proven to kill bacteria and disable viruses, including SARS-Cov-19 (the virus that causes Covid-19) and drug-resistant bacteria present on surfaces and in the air.

In a paper published in The Lancet Medical Journal, a 2007 study conducted at the McGill University Health Center found that shining ultraviolet light on air conditioning coils resulted in a 99% reduction of microbial end endotoxin concentrations on irradiated surfaces, but most importantly a 40% decrease in the spread of airborne diseases in office buildings.

Today, JenAct, part of the Jenton International Group, offers factories a range of equipment for both air and surface disinfection that can deactivate 99.99% of exposed pathogens by disrupting DNA/RNA in cell nuclei and viruses, helping to prevent the spread of infection.

Trusted partnership

In 2021, Jenton was appointed a value-added partner by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) for its range of UV disinfection products. This partnership extended the JenAct brand of UV products that have now being adopted by many to continue the fight against Covid-19.

Today, the air and surface disinfection systems that JenAct and Signify produce do two things:  First, they generate and emit UV light at 254nm – optimum for deactivation of DNA. Secondly, they transmit and concentrate that light efficiently towards the spores, bacteria or viruses that need to be inactivated.

Scientifically tested, precisely measured and categorised, performance can be accurately predicted and modelled using sophisticated JenAct software. This means that JenAct can create bespoke, unobtrusive UV disinfection of pathogens, bacteria and moulds for workplaces of any size.

Getting GRU-V

This range of class-leading air- and surface-disinfection devices are all designed to fit any workplace environment — anywhere where staff could be at increased risk of coming into contact with illness-causing airborne viruses, bacteria and mould.

Targeted air disinfection

GRU-V air-disinfection devices are compact, wall or ceiling-mounted and manufactured to treat passing air with UVC, thus disinfecting  99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria in the air that passes through, thus reducing likelihood of cross-contamination. Coronavirus is proven to survive longer in cold places. JenAct’s GRUV-V Cool UV light air disinfection technology is designed to clean air in cooler environments such as cold storage rooms, food processing areas and large refrigerated rooms. Many standard UVC lamps will not emit UVC efficiently at low temperatures.

GRU-V air-disinfection devices are compact, wall or ceiling-mounted

Disinfecting larger spaces

Providing reliable UV air-disinfection for large rooms and factories, GRU-V Jet is a ceiling-mounted device which inactivates airborne viruses and bacteria. It is designed to achieve 99.99% inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass with up to 3500m3/h airflow rate.

Cross-contact contamination

JenAct’s UV disinfection conveyors are equipped with UVC lamp modules which produce germicidal ultraviolet radiation to disinfect the surfaces of items, such as packaging, being transferred from low care to high care areas. UV tunnels can, when required, achieve 360-degree irradiation, while the built-in reflectors maximise UVC output, allowing more surface area to be reached.

Ductwork infection control

Ventilation and air conditioning units provide an ideal breeding ground for moulds and bacteria. An in-duct disinfection system like the UV Torpedo sits in the duct, in line with air flow, maximising time in contact with the air. This destroys microbial, biological and some chemical contaminants, improving air quality.

Additionally, UV Crossbow surface disinfection can be introduced to help prevent the growth of bacteria, moulds and microorganisms on evaporator coils within air ducts.

Protecting the workforce this winter

With the threat of a ‘twindemic’ on the rise, keeping factory workforces protected from the spread of pathogens, bacteria and mould has never been more important to ensure production continuity.

The use of UV light in delivering 99.99% disinfection of air and surfaces is one of the safest and least obtrusive methods available to achieve that.

JenAct can supply the equipment using either existing equipment models or creating a bespoke UVC solution. Helping you to keep staff safer from infection this winter and keep production flowing.