Firm set for marathon effort to recycle used water bottles

THOUSANDS of used water bottles are set to be recycled following this weekend’s London Marathon.

To help promote circularity of plastic bottles, official water sponsors BUXTON will be placing recycling bins at the start and end of the race. This is in addition to drop zones along the course, aimed at encouraging runners to recycle their water bottles.

BUXTON revealed it is the largest British mineral water brand to have all of its bottles made from other bottles – excluding the caps and labels – and the bins will help to stop up to 700,000 bottles from ending up in landfill.

The firm is teaming up with BIFFA to help the event recycle empty water bottles – and those who help the process could land themselves a spot in the 2023 London Marathon. Each bin will have a QR code that runners can scan for a chance to win a spot next year.

Grant McKenzie, MD of Nestlé Waters UK, said, “Our partnership with the London Marathon continues to be an exciting collaboration for BUXTON’s future as a circular brand. As the biggest UK water brand to be made entirely from other bottles, we believe that collection is one of the greatest things we can do to keep plastics in a circular loop and reduce the need for new plastics.

“The London Marathon is a monumental occasion and it’s a fantastic opportunity to help runners hydrate with BUXTON, while closing the recycling loop and turning water bottles back into new bottles.”