Co-op to launch new food-to-go range with reduced packaging

THE Co-op has relaunched its food-to-go range with a new ‘global inspired’ theme and reduction in packaging.

It will feature less packaging and the removal of all single-use plastic cutlery in favour of wooden sporks, which the supermarket said will remove approximately 274 tonnes of ‘unnecessary’ plastic, cardboard, and film from its stores.

Sushi is set to take centre stage in the new line, with it also featuring a ‘wide range’ of new sandwiches, wraps, and salads which have been inspired by a ‘wide range’ of global flavours.

Robert Thompson, packaging manager at the Co-op, said, “We’re really pleased that we’ve managed to remove a significant amount of plastic, cardboard and film on our food-to-go products, which will reduce the amount of packaging in our stores by over 270 tonnes. Our teams have worked hard to deliver what is a really positive step forward for packaging, delivering the same fantastic sandwiches and salads as sustainably as possible.”

Sam Griffiths, product development manager at the Co-op, added,“We’ve added a wide range of products to our food-to-go section this summer, perfect for all types of lunches. Influenced by traditional rolls from Japan, we’re particularly excited about our new the range of sushi.

“We’ve also seen a huge rise in demand for sushi, most likely driven by lockdown as consumers couldn’t easily make it for themselves at home. The new range now offers a huge variety to both our customers and members, that they are able to pick up on the go.”