Firm cuts down on packaging by 80% with new solution

ECO-FRIENDLY retailer My Little Panda has revealed it has cut down on standard packaging and plastic wrap by 80% following the launch of its bamboo packaging.

The firm, which specialises in products made from bamboo, said that the new solution is based on Japanese origami principles.

The new packaging acts as wrapping, offering a double sided label space for a message – which removes the need to gift wrap.

Further to cutting down the amount of materials used, My Little Panda revealed that the new packaging also saves 80% in space that boxed items would occupy in transmit.

Paris Michailidis, My Little Panda co-founder, commented, “Many of us find that our recycling boxes are full to bursting with cardboard and that our bin is overflowing with difficult to recycle plastic wrapping.

“We manage to cut down on packaging and plastic wrap by 90% when posting a product. We are the first company in the UK to try it.

“The end of double packaging is here.”