Business warns of potential shortages of recycled content pallet wrap

LINDUM Packaging has warned businesses to order recycled content pallet wrap now or risk facing shortages ahead of the introduction of the plastics tax.

From April 2022 UK businesses will be taxed £200 for every tonne of plastic they use that does not contain a minimum of 30% recycled material. As a result, Lindum said ‘many’ businesses are already looking to replace their standard wrap with tax-exempt materials.

However, Lindum’s packaging technologist Rick Sellars said supplies are already limited. “The plastics tax is getting ever closer and pallet wrap with 30% recycled content will remove or limit the liabilities of the tax,” he commented. “For this reason, demand is already high and UK stocks are limited.

“There simply won’t be enough material on the market to satisfy demand if businesses wait until the last minute to make the change. So, I would strongly advise businesses not to wait until the last minute to make the switch.”

Lindum recently launched a new range of pallet wrap made with 30% recycled content. The range also includes recycled content variations of its nano films.

Unlike 100% virgin polymer films, Lindum explained that the range contains polythene resin material that has been recycled and then re-granulated. It also meets the OPRL definition of ‘recycled’.

Mr Sellars added, “Switching to these films should be a case of making a simple adjustment to existing equipment, so many businesses will find it a worthwhile investment come April.”