Coca-Cola creates plant-based bottle


COCA-COLA has unveiled a next generation prototype bottle made of plant-based plastic (bPET).

It comes following a technological breakthrough by the company, which will allow it to convert second-generation biomass to plant-based monoethylene glycol (bMEG).

Approximately 900 of the bottles have been produced by Coca-Cola, with only the cap and label not being made from plant-based plastic.

The bottle is recyclable and can be recycled bottle-to-bottle within existing recycling infrastructures, alongside PET from oil-based sources.

Nancy Quan, chief technical and innovation officer at The Coca-Cola Company, said, “For a long time, we have been working with partners to develop the right technologies to achieve 100% plant-based content, aiming for the lowest possible carbon footprint.

“It’s exciting that we have reached a point where these technologies exist and can be scaled by participants in the value chain.”