Inquiry launched into UK Government’s plastic waste measures

AN inquiry has been launched into how the UK Government intends to tackle plastic waste and whether its targets go far enough.

It follows statistics showing that just 32% of all plastic is currently recycled, with concerns also being raised about the amount of plastic being exported from Britain to other countries.

Headed by the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee, the inquiry will explore the measures announced by the UK Government aimed at achieving its goal of only recyclable, reusable or compostable plastic packaging being placed on the market by 2025.

MPs will also question how alternatives to plastic can be found and supported, as well as what more can be done to ensure that plastic waste is not sent abroad.

Neil Parish MP, chair of the EFRA committee, said, “We have a plastics problem. Over the past 18 months, even the most environmentally conscious of us have had to resort to single-use plastics in our efforts to control the spread of Covid-19. But the tide must turn on plastic use, and fast.

“The government has announced many new measures to combat our reliance on disposable packaging and products. It is essential that these measures go far- and fast- enough, and that we do not just end up exporting our problem overseas.”