Ball Corporation unveils plans for new facilities in the UK and Russia

BALL Corporation has announced plans to ‘significantly’ increase its manufacturing capacity with new facilities in the UK and Russia.

The manufacturer of recyclable aluminium beverage packaging said the plans come at a time of increasing consumer calls for more sustainable purchasing options, as well as a growing number of new brands and beverage categories choosing cans.

It added that, from 2023, each facility would produce billions of cans a year across a range of formats and sizes, as well as providing up to 200 jobs in the sector. Ball has identified a site at the SERGO Park Kettering Gateway for its UK facility – with a formal application having been submitted to North Northamptonshire Council, with work anticipated to start this year.

The planned Kettering plant will represent Ball’s third beverage can manufacturing facility in the UK, adding capacity to its established plants in Milton Keynes and Wakefield. The plant will supply cans for domestic customers in a growing range of categories – which now includes hard seltzers, wines, ready to drink cocktails, together with pure and enhanced water brands.

To serve the ‘fast growing’ Russian market, especially in the beer and energy drinks categories, Ball is planning to build a plant in Ulyanovsk in Western Russia. Ball Beverage Packaging Naro-Fominsk has signed a cooperation agreement for its construction with the Ulyanovsk Regional Government, who in June also awarded the development ‘Highly Significant Investment Project’ status.

The Ulynavosk plant will take the total in Russia to four, with established manufacturing facilities in Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region; Vesvolozhsk, St. Petersburg Region; and Argayash,  Chelyabinsk Region.

Carey Causey, president of Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA, said, “With the demand for our infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging growing fast in an expanding number of categories, we are acting now to support our customers in the UK and Russia. The pandemic and changing consumption patterns mean that consumers are enjoying more of their favourite beverages at home and on-the-go and want to buy products in packages that they know will be recycled and can contribute to a truly circular economy.”

Rudi Leenards, general director of Ball Beverage Packaging Naro-Fominsk, added, “We are firmly committed to the Russian market and are pleased to support so many of our domestic customers enjoying unprecedented demand. With sustainability a key concern for the next generation of consumers, we anticipate infinitely recyclable aluminium packages to play a growing role in the development of a truly circular economy that will be embraced in Russia and beyond.”