Scottish space firm launches merchandise in sustainable packaging

THE firm behind Scotland’s first commercial rocket launch has unveiled merchandise packed in eco-friendly packaging.

Edinburgh-headquartered Skyrora said that profits from sales will go towards activities to support the next generation of UK space experts.

The company added that all merchandise is to be packed in carefully researched, eco-friendly packaging which reflects its commitment to being as green as possible in all elements of operations.

Katie Miller, project manager at Skyrora, commented, “A core value at Skyrora is to demonstrate an awareness and a care for the environment which our activities impact. We have invested a huge amount of time and resources to ensure that our products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible.

“From the cardboard packaging the merchandise comes in, to the string that ties the tags to the clothing products, every component has been carefully researched.”

The firm recently demonstrated its commitment to wider sustainability after conducting successful trials of a ‘space tug’ which it said will play a key part in ensuring the UK becomes a world leader in tackling the issue of space junk, clearing space debris, repositioning satellites, and removing defunct satellites from orbit.

The new range of merchandise includes clothing and accessories such as Skyrora branded hoodies and commemorative mission patches from recent test launches. The collection also features a t-shirt designed by merchandise competition winner, Cameron Martin.

Katie said, “The vision behind opening the merchandise store was to enable our audience to be a part of the developmental journey towards our launch capability.

“We designed the products to be as affordable as possible so that everyone can feel like part of the team. An added bonus is that we can support STEM activities from the profits too. 

“While our STEM programme has been ongoing for a while now, the income generated through the merchandise store means we can do more to support and inspire the younger generation.

“At Skyrora, we realise how important it is to nurture young minds. Through our STEM programme and graduate intake, we encourage budding scientists, engineers and explorers to realise their potential and to be inspired by space.”