GIC coins it in with latest bullion plant solution

A supplier of automated coin packing lines has celebrated 25 years in the bullion industry by supplying its latest solution.

GIC undertook its first project in 1996 and since completed a further six projects.

The firm’s latest offering is a 20-metre long line that receives bulk coin from a conveyor and then splits the coin into three lanes. Each lane features coin counters, a primary bagger and a primary GIC checkweigher. The smaller bags of coin are counted into a larger bag, checked on a secondary GIC checkweigher, before an end-of-line robot transfers the bagged coins into cages.

GIC revealed the line can pack up to 270 primary bags per minute, dependent on the denomination.

“We are best known for our work in fresh produce, food and aggregates,” said Luke Murphy, director of GIC. “But our handling and packaging machines and our engineering expertise are also beneficial to banks operating in the bullion industry. We remove the worry and hassle from our clients by offering a complete turnkey solution, from design and manufacture through to installation and commission. We’ve really enjoyed the last 25 years, and it will be interesting to see how bullion plants are affected by the continued decline in the use of coins.”