Tray sealing solution ‘ideal’ for surge in home delivery services

PROSEAL has claimed that tray sealing is providing the ‘ideal’ packaging solution for the growing demand for online and home delivery services.

The company says it is receiving enquiries from both food and non-food businesses looking for solutions for products including prescriptions, personal care kits, pet food and confectionery.

Eddie Holmes, project manager at Proseal said, “The variety of tray designs – in terms of shape, depth and the availability of multi-cavity formats – means a solution can be found to safely package most types of products.

“Tray sealing provides very effective product protection and security, and latest reclose film options mean food can be further preserved after opening. Just as important, the majority of trays are fully recyclable, unlike some alternatives such as pouches and bags which can also cause food waste by not sufficiently protecting product from damage, such as squashing, throughout the supply chain. Some trays are also now manufactured in new materials made from renewable or recycled board, and this offers an added sustainability benefit.”

Proseal said its ability to devise bespoke solutions has proved ‘invaluable’ for the different requirements of new specialist applications. One recent example involved the supply of a tray sealer for stackable trays used to pack fully prepared, cut and portioned ready-to-cook ingredients, which are then placed inside a climate-controlled reusable shipping container.

“The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly seen even more consumers going online for their shopping needs,” Eddie Holmes added. “A sealed tray can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to enable companies to maximise the opportunities that this now offers.”