Coding and marking technology provides boost for supply chains

DATALASE has revealed its role in helping firms cope with increased demands on the supply chain in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coding and marking specialist said the need to develop safer workplaces, including reducing interactions among workers, has seen companies rely more heavily on automated technology.

DataLase has responded to the situation with its Case Coding Solution, which is described as allowing ‘hard pressed’ supply chains to be ‘responsive and flexible’ to consumer demand. The solution uses lasers to apply variable information, such as barcodes, date & lot codes, QR codes, graphics and sequential batch numbers, onto corrugated boxes and shelf ready packaging (SRP).

Said to deliver ‘high contrast, high quality, durable codes that do not smudge or rub off’, DataLase explained that laser technology means ‘less product recall and rework’ required when delivered to retail stores, while consistent product and packaging traceability in transit is crucial in the current environment.

The technology can be applied at the latest stage in the product supply chain. Each individual box can be printed according to language, regulatory, nutritional, brand or geographical needs.

“The use of laser rather than ink ensures speed, consistency and reliability, maximises production line uptime and reduces potential pinch points,” said DataLase‚Äôs Paul Dustain. “Plus production capabilities are also boosted as the technology has been specially designed to minimise maintenance and servicing, thereby allowing goods to be delivered in the right quantities, to the right places and at the right time.”