Huhtamaki teams up with Bloc Blinds to ramp up face shield production

HUHTAMAKI has teamed up with Bloc Blinds to increase production of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.

The two companies are poised to deliver millions of Bloc FaceShields for HSCNI Business Services Organisation over the next 12 weeks.

Bloc Blinds recently re-purposed its production line to produce 22,000 face shields per day.  With Huhtamaki supplying high speed packaging lines, an additional 400,000 pieces of equipment will be manufactured daily.

Ciaran Doherty, general manager Huhtamaki Foodservice UK said, “Huhtamaki has partnered with Bloc Blinds, working at incredible speed to scale up manufacturing of their FaceShields in a bid to support frontline workers in acute care settings. We have reorganised our factory to produce four million face shields per week and are continuing to invest rapidly to increase this output.

“With PPE so critical in winning the fight against Covid-19, our agile and innovative use of high-speed packaging lines will massively increase the volume of Bloc FaceShields produced per day. We are fully committed to delivering this high-volume order as quickly as possible.”