Plastic sector ‘first line of defence’ in producing products to ‘fight’ Covid-19

THE president of one of America’s leading plastic associations has said that the plastic industry is ‘essential’ as a first line of defence in producing products to ‘fight’ Covid-19 (coronavirus).

The comment came in a statement issued by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS). CEO Tony Radoszewski’s message to the American Government echoed that of the British Plastic Federation’s note to Boris Johnson: plastic product manufacturers should be deemed as ‘essential’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Radoszewski continued the statement by explaining why this should be the case. He wrote, “With more and more businesses being ordered to close during the pandemic crisis, it is critical that healthcare workers have access to plastic products. Single-use plastics can literally be the difference between life and death. Items such as IV bags and ventilator machines, which are of the utmost importance right now, have components made of single-use plastics. The single-use hospital gowns, gloves, and masks that protect our healthcare workers every day are also made of plastic.

“I would venture to say that every machine, piece of medical care equipment, hospital bed, examination scope and tool has a component made of plastic, most of which are molded to exacting tolerances, which is possible due to the resin and the machinery being used.   

“Additionally, plastics play a vital role in many other areas such as protecting our food and keeping it fresh, which reduces contamination and waste. They contain water for those without access to a clean and safe source. Also, single-use plastic bags provide a sanitary and convenient way to carry our groceries home while protecting supermarket employees and customers from whatever is lurking on reusable bags.”