Pallet specialist lifts the lid on new product

GOPLASTICPALLETS.COM has launched a new XL lid that has been designed to protect fabric dunnage and special system packaging on return journeys.

Designed by CABKA_IPS, the new CabCube 1210 XL Lid was developed to be compatible with the CabCube 1210 9F 2.0 foldable sleeve pack, particularly for customers using large volumes of inner packaging and fabric dunnage. said that where the original CabCube cover was designed to slot within the perimeter of the pallet base, the new CabCube 1210 XL Lid protrudes over the edge. “As a result, when used with a short, fixed collar, it safely stores both the pallet sleeve and fabric dunnage within, whilst taking up minimal space in transit,” the company stated. cited the example of an automotive manufacturer looking to move steering wheels in bulk from a factory to the assembly line. “To protect the steering wheels in transit, they’ll be placed in fabric dividers, which are fixed inside the CabCube 1210 sleeve pack in two neat rows – so approximately 26 steering wheels in total,” the firm added. “A shorter collar is fitted inside the wide groove around the perimeter of the pallet sleeve, which is a feature of the pressure injected pallet base. The CabCube 1210 XL Lid would then be securely positioned on top of the pallet sleeve ready for shipment. At the assembly line, the steering wheels would be removed, leaving the foldable pallet sleeve with the now empty fitted fabric dunnage inside and the short, fixed collar, which would all need to be returned to the factory.”