Waitrose turns treat tub range sustainable

WAITROSE has launched new sustainable packaging for its ‘treat tubs’ range.

The supermarket says it is the first in the UK to use such packaging, with the fully recyclable tub being made up from 90% recycled materials, and featuring a ‘Twist-Loc’ mechanism to aid those who have difficulty in opening tight packaging.

Made by Charpak, the packaging will be 3.5 grams lighter than the previous design – which Waitrose says will save up to 14.6 tonnes of plastic per year. The supermarket says that the tubs design means that no unnecessary plastic needs to be torn off to open it.

Karen Graley, packaging manager at Waitrose & Partners, said, “Our aim is to ensure all of our own-brand packaging is widely recycled, reusable or home compostable by 2023. The introduction of these innovative new treat tubs is another positive step towards that goal, one that helps drive the circular economy and boost recycling rates across the UK as we are also including recycled content that has been obtained locally from the supplier.”

Waitrose says that since the introduction of the tubs a 16% sale increase has been seen in the product.