Asda continues well done own brand packaging shift

ASDA has introduced 100% recyclable packaging for its range of Aberdeen Angus steaks.

Some two million black plastic trays will be replaced with recyclable cardboard versions – with the supermarket estimating that 50 tonnes of plastic will be saved annually as a result.

Gavin Thompson, Asda’s steak buyer, said, “The change in steak packaging marks the next step in our commitment to use less and recycle more, something which we are very passionate about delivering for our customers and colleagues as we strive to make all our own-brand packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

“There is still a lot of confusion around packaging and what can or cannot be recycled. The move to cardboard trays means customers don’t have to prioritise plastic reduction over grocery decision making, ensuring they can continue purchasing quality steak at the same price, but with the added value of recycle-ready packaging.”

The move comes alongside the 6,500 tonnes of packaging from Asda own brand products already removed in the last 18 months by the supermarket, with the overall aim being for all own brand packaging to be fully recyclable by 2025.