24/7 conversion brings packaging sector jobs boost

AUTOMATED Packaging Systems’ has announced that its in-house converting process is now running 24/7.

The business said this is enabling the company to meet greater customer demand and providing more jobs within the packaging industry.

The change complements the firm’s extrusion and printing processes, which also work 24/7.

Automated Packaging Systems manufactures bags for a range of applications, and offers printing and conversion options ‘unique to the customer’s demands’ such as re-closable zippers, hanger holes, ventilation holes, compartments and easy-open perforations.

Duncan Hall, UK sales and marketing manager explained, “This is a huge step forward, not only for us as a company but also for our customers, as 24/7 conversion will enable us to be even more efficient and further support customers by reducing lead times. As the machines are now running full time, it will also require more manpower, creating more jobs within Worcestershire.

“Packaging is an industry on the rise, and it’s important to keep progressing with new innovations and technologies to help the sector continue to grow. This means we can constantly improve service levels and productivity, so our customers have the equipment needed to meet increased demand.”