Machinery manufacturer backs ‘sustainable innovation’

The TFS 200 MSV

ULMA Packaging has launched a new project designed to help food industry manufacturers tackle sustainability challenges.

The #ULMAweCare project was launched at the IFFA trade show in Frankfurt. The manufacturer of packing machinery is promoting the reduction of packaging and the use of recyclable materials.

ULMA has introduced a range of ‘environmentally-friendly’ solutions, including LeafSkin, a packaging solution that is claimed to reduce plastics usage by up to 80% and is based on a 100% recyclable flat cardboard tray.

Sustainable solutions highlighted at IFFA included ULMA’s latest thermoforming machinery. The TFS 200 MSV is optimised for multiple applications with flexible and rigid plastic materials and some combinations of cardboard.

Chris Pickles, managing director of ULMA Packaging UK said, “The ‘Blue Planet’ effect has made reducing plastic packaging a hot topic within the food packing industry. Consumers are increasingly looking for reduced packaging and so the industry must innovate and develop new technologies. That is why ULMA is committed to investing in sustainability, and helping our customers to use less material while maintaining efficiency and product quality.

“The #ULMAweCare project represents our long-term sustainability plan. Through investment in this project we have already developed the ReducedScrap solution which can deliver up to 40% film scrap reduction as well as the FLOW-VAC, a lower reel machine, with the roll stock fed from below the level of the product feeding line.

“Sustainable innovation can change the way in which food manufacturers and packers deliver their products to consumers.”